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I believe that many people have the same feeling as I do, that is, even if Juventus can't come to Suarez, at least Dzeko is brought in, and no matter how bad it is, Milik or Grand Giroud will be the whole. Never thought that Juventus finally left the hydrangea in Morata's hands. Moreover, Juventus signed Morata in a very special way. Under normal circumstances, when a player contacts a club, the media and reporters will break the news at least ten and a half days in advance. There are almost no top secret signing events. Regarding the signing of Morata, the Bianconeri looked extremely violent, and quickly finalized the transfer with a thunder and thunder. The scandal between the two parties had just been wiped out for less than half a day, and the fans had not reacted yet, and the parties had already airborne to Turin to accept it. Physical examination (now officially announced). This speed is like a movie's plot has not yet appeared twists and turns, the finale has appeared. While waiting for Suarez and Dzeko, Juventus were very patient, and even wanted to wait for Suya to pass the exam to get a passport and wait for Naples and Rome to complete the transaction.


To be honest, Juventus signing Morata was a surprise to many fans, especially Juventus fans. On the one hand, compared to centers such as Suarez and Dzeko, Morata did not surpass them. Take the last season as an example, Suarez played 36 games on behalf of Barcelona, ​​scoring 21 goals and 12 assists, averaging 0.583 goals per game and 0.917 goals per game; Dzeko played 43 games on behalf of Rome, scoring 19 goals. 14 assists, 0.442 goals per game and 0.767 goals per game; Morata played 44 games on behalf of Atletico, scoring 16 goals and 4 assists, averaging 0.364 goals per game and 0.455 goals per game. The gap between the three people is obvious.

老实说,尤文图斯签约莫拉塔令许多球迷感到惊讶,尤其是尤文图斯球迷。一方面,与苏亚雷斯和哲科这样的中心相比,莫拉塔没有超越它们。以上赛季为例,苏亚雷斯代im体育官网注册表巴塞罗那出战36场比赛,打进21球和12助攻,平均每场0.583球和0.917球;哲科代表罗马踢了43场比赛,打进19球。 14次助攻,每场0.442个进球和每场0.767个进球;莫拉塔代表马竞打了44场比赛,打进16球和4助攻,平均每场0.364球,每场0.455球。这三个人之间的差距很明显。

On the other hand, it is because Morata's words and deeds towards the old club are very uncomfortable. Morata is a good player and has achieved good results, but he is indeed a stunned boy with low EQ. After going to another club, he will almost always have a fancy diss in the new club. The old club sometimes even makes some unfriendly moves on the court. Although being in Cao Yingxin is against the quality of a professional player in Han, it takes the brain to say what to say and what to do on what occasion. Take his "festival" with Juventus as an example. When he represented Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, he had "started" his eldest brother Chiellini, who played with Juventus. No matter how he excuses, his actions shouldn't be. It is also because of this that he keeps doing things again and again. He has "offended" many fans, and the indecent nicknames given to him are also full of tricks.


These things are clear to the fans. Are the Juventus and Pirlo not clear in their hearts? Obviously not! If it weren't for being forced into helplessness, the old woman wouldn't have made such a move. Could it be unfavorable to win one of Suarez and Dzeko? Before, Juventus, in order to get their favorite center, did not hesitate to spend a high price to terminate the contract with Higuain, and did not hesitate to use a high salary to throw an olive branch, but Suarez was frequently blocked due to passport issues and contract issues, and Dzeco was unable to do so because of the entanglement between Naples and Rome. Get out, which puts Juventus into a dilemma. After all, can a giant team not have a center? And the players can drag, but the team really can't drag on. Juve's goals in the new season are quite ambitious, and the personnel must be complete. In order to prevent the bamboo basket from being emptied, Juventus can only close when they see the fish, and close the net when they see the fish. No matter how small the mosquito’s legs are, it is meat. Moreover, Morata is far more than a mosquito leg. Seeing Morata deliberately, Atletico Madrid I am willing to let people go, and I don't have any loss, so why not give it a try!


Morata has played for Juventus for two seasons, the 2014-15 season and the 2015-16 season. During his time with the Bianconeri, his performance was not very outstanding, but it was already quite good and very convincing. He represented the team in 93 games, scored 27 goals and 18 assists, and has repeatedly performed well. Everyone should remember the semi-finals of the 2014-15 season, when Real Madrid and Juventus met. It was Morata's two goals in the two rounds. Juventus eliminated the then defending champion Real Madrid. It is worth mentioning that Morata also helped the team to win 2 Serie A titles, 2 Coppa Italia titles, and 1 Italian Super Cup title during his campaign in Italy. It was also because of Morata's relatively shiny performance at Juventus, and Real Madrid later recalled him again, and he had a sloppy second entry. In addition, although Morata's performance in recent seasons has not been very good, but his overall state is steadily picking up. In the 2017-18 season, Morata scored 12 goals in the league + Europe; in the 2018-19 season, Morata scored 13 goals in the league + Europe; in the 2019-20 season, Morata scored in the league + Europe Scored 15 goals in the battle. Another point is that Morata is only 27 years old now, still a relatively young player, his future can be expected. Perhaps Pirlo can stimulate his unexplored potential and give him room for further improvement in the future.


When Morata came to Real Madrid, Ronaldo was still playing for Manchester United. Later, when Ronaldo came to Real Madrid, he and Morata became teammates. Later, Morata entered the palace for the second time and came to Real Madrid, Ronaldo and him once again became teammates. Although the treatment of the two people in the team is very different and their performance is not at the same level, the two of them still work together to create the glory that belongs to Real Madrid. In the season before Morata left Real Madrid, the Galacticos successfully won the 10th Champions League trophy in team history; in the first season when Morata returned to Real Madrid, Galacticos won the 12th Champions League in team history. Trophy. In any case, the cooperation between Ronaldo and Morata is quite pleasant. This time, Morata came to Juventus. He and Ronaldo became teammates for the third time. With the sweet experience of the first two times, maybe they can once again join hands to reach the highest peak of the Champions League. Sometimes history is always surprisingly similar.

当莫拉塔来到皇马时,罗纳尔多仍在为曼联效力。后来,当罗纳尔多来到皇马时,他和莫拉塔成为队友。后来,莫拉塔第二次进入皇宫,来到皇家马德里,罗纳尔多和他再次成为队友。尽管团队中两个人的待遇差异很大,表现也不尽相同,但他们两个仍然共同努力,创造了属于皇家马德里的荣耀。在莫拉塔(Morata)离开皇家马德里(Real Madrid)之前的那个赛季,卡拉狄克斯(Galacticos)成功赢得了球队历史上第10座冠军联赛奖杯;在Morata返回皇马的第一个赛季中,Galacticos赢得了球队历史上的第12个冠军联赛。杯。无论如何,罗纳尔多和莫拉塔之间的合作是令人愉快的。这次,莫拉塔来到尤文图斯。他和罗纳尔多第三次成为队友。有了前两次的甜蜜经历,也许他们可以再次携手达到欧洲冠军联赛的最高峰。有时历史总是惊人地相似。

Signing Morata will definitely cause controversy, but fortunately, it didn't cost too much to introduce him to Juventus, and he was more than capable of doing things. Anyway, he should be better than Higuain? Now that the person has arrived, he must greet him, and let's see how Sleepy skin tunes this controversial guy. Judging from the first game coached by Pirlo, he really has two brushes on the team's offensive training. Maybe he can get through Morata's second line of supervision. After so long, I believe Morata should also improve. (PS: This sloppy joining Juventus is really set, there will be no change...)

与莫拉塔签约肯定会引起争议,但幸运的是,将他介绍给尤文图斯并不需要花费太多,而且他有足够的能力做事。无论如何,他应该比伊瓜因更好?现在该人已经到达,他必须向他打招呼,让我们看看Sleepy的皮肤如何调整这个有争议的家伙。从皮尔洛执教的第一场比赛来看,他在球队的进攻训练中确实拥有两把刷子。也许他可以通过Morata的第二条监督路线。这么久以后,我相信Morata也应该有所改善。 (PS:这种马虎般的加盟尤文图斯已经确定,不会有任何变化...)