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The 67 years of time represent the youth of several generations, and it also carries the age of countless people. A long-established black shop has gone through ups and downs, and when the player market is getting better and better, Liaoning Football has experienced an unprecedented economic crisis. Nowadays, the sign is broken and the most famous "black shop" in Chinese football history has closed .


In recent years, there have been waves of youth storms in European football in the "black shop model". Why does it basically mean a tragic ending in China?


Why does the "black shop model" work in Europe? Before discussing this issue, let us first make a distinction between "black shops" in Europe. Monaco and Dortmund are definitely on the list of the most famous black shops in the five major leagues in recent years.


Dort and Monaco represent exactly two types of black shops: the former club was on the verge of bankruptcy and has since been forced to follow the road of “black shops”; Monaco is “not bad for money”, but because of the limited influence of Ligue 1 The population of the city where the team is located is small, and it is difficult to realize the commercial value of the club on the way of buying, buying and buying gold. So Monaco “opens a black shop” to make money through selling people.


Whether it is Monaco or Dortmund, the fundamental foothold of opening a "black shop" is to create a sustainable economic ecology and healthy development model for the club through selling people. To put it bluntly, everyone has only seen two teams selling people to make a lot of money for years, but they have not paid attention to why they are sold every year, and where is the income of the sellers spent?


Today, the situation where Liaozuqu is finally scattered, in 2005 Dortmund is approaching infinitely. In order to compete with Bayern in the domestic and Champions League front, Dortmund has embarked on the road of burning money for many years in a row. Unreasonable buying, buying and buying soon made Dortmund on the verge of bankruptcy. At that time, Dortmund's pressure was no less than that of the former Liaozu management team.


Everyone knows the chapters in which Dort hit the bottom and rebounded. In the process of Dort's return to the top, a hero behind the scenes can be said to have made the most of the credit-his name is Mislin Tat. The construction of Dort's scout system led by Mislintat is not only one of the main reasons for Dort's return to the top, but the Hornet has still benefited a lot.

每个人都知道多特跌入谷底并反弹的章节。在多特(Dort)重返巅峰的过程中,可以说幕后英雄充分利用了他的声誉,他的名字叫Mislin Tat。由Mislintat领导的Dort侦察系统的建设不仅是Dort重返高层的主要原因之一,而且大黄蜂仍然受益匪浅。

In 2010, Mislin Tate flew to Japan 6 times, and edited more than 10 technical analysis videos for on-site inspections, and finally persuaded Dort officials to introduce Kagawa Shinji from the J2 League for 350,000 euros. Shinji Kagawa will shine in Dortmund in the future and become Mislin Tate's masterpiece.

2010年,米斯林·泰特(Mislin Tate)飞往日本6次,并编辑了10多个技术分析视频以进行现场检查,并最终说服多特(Dort)官员以35万欧元的价格从J2联赛引进了香川真二。未来,香川真司将在多特蒙德大放异彩,成为米斯林·泰特的杰作。

Lewandowski, Aubameyang, Osman Dembele, Prisic, Hummels, Sven Bender, Subotic, Buvaszczykowski, Raphael- Guerrero... this series of players who have brought Dort a huge income all entered the club's vision through Mislin Tate's scout network.

Lewandowski,Aubameyang,Osman Dembele,Prisic,Hummels,Sven Bender,Subotic,Buvaszczykowski,Raphael-Guerrero ...这一系列为多特带来了巨额收入的球员都通过Mislin Tate的球探网络进入了俱乐部的视野。

Compared with Dortmund, the Russian “Fertilizer King” Rybonovev, who entered Monaco in 2011, is not bad at all. In bringing Monaco back to the French Ligue 1 at the bottom of the French Second at the end of 2011, Rybonovev relied on spending money. The successful model of fellow Abramovich at Chelsea undoubtedly gave Rybonovlev a huge reference.


However, the influence of the Ligue 1 League is not as strong as the Premier League, and the size of Monaco's fans cannot be compared with that of London... Various factors determine that Abramovich's successful gold dollar model at Chelsea lacks long-term survival soil for his migration to Monaco. Ever since, the "Fertilizer King" began to seek a change in the club's management thinking.


The heavy gold invited Luis Gambos as the chief scout to lay the foundation for Monaco's future black shop model. In just two or three years, Monaco has gone from being a silly and rich local tyrant to a "local tyrant killer" who wakes up in his dreams. Ronaldo, Martial, Lemar, Mendy, Bakayoko, Mbappé... these players are almost all bought at the "cabbage price", trained for two or three years before changing hands at world-class prices.

重金邀请路易斯·甘博斯(Luis Gambos)担任首席侦察员,为摩纳哥未来的黑店模式奠定基础。在短短的两三年内,摩纳哥已经从一个愚蠢而富有的土豪暴君变成了一个梦local以求的“土豪杀手”。罗纳尔多(Ronaldo),武术(Martial),勒马尔(Lemar),曼蒂(Mendy),巴卡约科(Bakayoko),姆巴佩(Mbappé)...这些球员几乎都是以“白菜价”购买的,经过两到三年的训练,然后以世界级的价格转手。

The scout system spread all over the world is the reason why Dortmund and Monaco black shops can open for a long time. So, why did Liaozu play himself to death when he opened a black shop? The fundamental difference is that Liaozu sells people just to continue their lives. They die every year and squeeze their wools regardless of their lives. After many years, the sheep really die.


The fundamental difference between Liaoning Football and Dortmund and Monaco’s black shop model is that Monaco and Dortmund have been using the money earned by opening black shops to steadily engage in youth training; while the state of Liaoning Football’s last two years is that all the echelons are hoped to be cut off. One more point in the ranks is life-threatening.


I have to admit that Monaco is not short of money and Liaozu’s poor money is one of the reasons why Liaozu’s black shop opened soon; don’t forget that Dortmund's situation in 2005 was once very similar to that of Liaozu, but others had their foothold and starting point after learning from it. Let's not think about all kinds of talents, so we can honestly take root in the youth training and recruit the stars of hope from all over the world through scouts.


Liaoning Football Team also learns from lessons every year after the end of the league. What is the result? This year the team's striker, midfielder, defender, or goalkeeper played the best and put it on the shelves at a good price, raising my voice and shouting. Kick out and sell one by one, there is no bottom line at all. Engage in youth training and establish a scouting system? Last season the team’s wages and security fees were not paid yet, so how can you care about these bells and whistles!


This kind of subconsciousness has no sense of disobedience in Chinese football; but the choice of standing at the crossroads with Dortmund is simply a heaven and an underground.


Whether it is not bad money or once bankruptcy is frequent, the scout system plays a central role in the black shop model of Monaco and Dortmund. However, in the soil of Chinese football, scouts have always been scarce. Bai Yansong said that China's scouting system is "close to a blank." The famous national football player Zhu Guanghu has been emphasizing the importance of the scouting system to Chinese football in recent years.


Last year, Zhu Guanghu said in an interview with the media: "For football to develop and improve, there must be stars. We must have our own Messi, our own Ronaldo, and our own Mbappé. We are also in contact with Germany. Ask them to help us build a complete system."


The importance of the scouting system is simple to say, but why has the development of the scouting system been stagnant in China in recent years?


The reason why Mislin Tate is called "Diamond Eye" is that the main role of scouts is to discover talented and potential young players. For the talented seedlings to realize their talents, they need years of polishing in a scientific and mature youth training system. The entire talent training and promotion system must have a prerequisite: talented young players, the effort and sweat of their comeback will definitely be seen. To put it more bluntly, in the entire talent transportation chain, it is necessary to ensure that good is good, good is good, and bad is bad.


But what about the talent training system and bottom-up delivery system of Chinese football in the past 20 years? Player Gao Leilei has repeatedly bombarded the previous team and even entered the national team in recent years. He needs to "operate" and give gifts; in fact, everyone who really cares about Chinese football has heard of such a trend.


These bad phenomena mean that the selection criteria for the second, third, and fourth links of the Chinese football talent delivery system are not pure and unfair. In this way, the scout as the first link loses its fundamental meaning-the standards of talent, potential, and effort you adhere to may be worthless in the second and third screening links.


This is the reason why countless parents will not send their children to play football, and no one wants to push their sons into the fire pit; for the same reason, this is the fundamental reason why it is difficult for the scouting system to take root in China.


Professional reforms have brought a problem to Chinese football. The mighty professionalization process has completely destroyed the talent training system of the sports team era, but he has not established a formal youth training model for a long time. This has directly led to China. The fault of football age. Originally, there were few players from multiple age groups to choose from. In addition, scouts became a false proposition, and no successor of Chinese football set the tone for this.


In fact, the "black shop" of Liaozu opened very early. As early as 1995, Li Bing transferred to Guangdong Hongyuan at a high price of 640,000 yuan, which set a record for the transfer fee of Chinese players at that time. The Liaozu also used the most transfer players and transfer fees. The highest income set the first record of Chinese professional football. But why the black shop that has been open for more than 20 years closed down this summer?


The reason is very simple. In the past, Liaoning Football Club had the money to buy echelon "congestion" from others. The famous "Liao Xiaohu" creator was the old coach Zhang Yin; after that, the group of players from Yang Xu and Yu Hanchao was Liaoning Football Team from Dalian in 2003. Yiteng Iron Club acquired as a whole. After that, why didn't Liao Football acquire the entire echelon?


On the one hand, it is related to the overall strategy of Hongyun after entering the home team; on the other hand, there are fewer and fewer powerful echelons in Chinese football. Compared with new players, Liaozu's bargaining power is not worth mentioning. For example, the entire Shanghai SIPG team was acquired from coach Xu Genbao; Xu Genbao then trained the 99-00 echelon represented by Zhu Chenjie. SIPG, Shenhua and Evergrande rushed to bid high prices. Less than Liaozu to speak.

一方面,这关系到红云入主队后的整im体育官网登录体策略;另一方面,中国足球的实力梯队越来越少。与新玩家相比,辽足的议价能力不值得一提。例如,整个上海SIPG团队都是从教练徐根宝手中收购的;然后,徐根宝训练了以朱晨杰为代表的99-00梯队。 SIPG,神华和恒大争相竞标高价。不及聊足说话。

Of course, the closure of Liaozu black shops has also played a catalytic role in the U23 policy in recent years.


Black shops such as Dortmund and Monaco mainly rely on the appreciation of their small players to bring huge profits. In Chinese football, due to the immaturity of the training system and transfer mechanism for young players, a bad situation appeared in the past few years: the rising star that the black shop has cultivated hard for several years has been tricked by others. Prying the foot of the wall at a small price.


The most typical case is Wei Shihao. Luneng Football School spent 8 years training him to become a domestic leader in the same age group. As a result, the agent repeatedly induced, Wei Shihao directly chose to study abroad. Luneng Football School chose to appeal. Although it eventually received a certain amount of youth training compensation, it was not equal to the cost.


The U23 policy was released, and Wei Shihao, who was exporting to domestic sales, easily realized his dream of a millionaire. But if all agents coerce young players to do this, there will be no such thing as a black shop in China.


Genbao base can be said to be the biggest "black shop" in Chinese football in recent years. Coach Xu Genbao has also encountered other people's unruly digging. Liu Ruofan had been highly regarded by Xu Genbao in Genbao, but in the summer of 2015, the parents of the players suddenly wanted to take their children away without any room for discussion. Shenhua first advanced about 2 million yuan to the players' parents, so that the parents would come forward to trigger the 1 million yuan penalty clause in the player training contract.


The furious Xu Genbao bluntly said that this is "hooliganism", "How much effort did we spend training this player for 6 years? How much is this player, including Jiangzhen and 3 potential players, really worth it? The most important thing is what you Shenhua took. The method is wrong, otherwise the parents will do this, they will tear up their contracts, and they will all take their children away. Shanghai football will be messed up!"


Later, Xu Genbao directly pointed out to Wu Xiaohui and said: "How much money (compensation) do you want to give? You can, or not! But you can't use my only 1 million yuan of liquidated damages to use this method to dig people."


Because the team’s long-term hematopoietic ability is basically ignored, the black shop model is destined to be unsustainable on the soil of Chinese football; the chaos of young players’ transfers caused by the U23 New Deal and the high salaries of young players have become crushing Chinese football to a certain extent. The last straw of the black shop.

因为基本上没有考虑球队的长期造血能力,所以黑店模式注定在中国足球的土壤上是不可持续的。 U23新政带来的年轻球员转会混乱以及年轻球员的高薪在一定程度上已经压垮了中国足球。黑店的最后一根稻草。