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The opening match of the 2020 League of Legends Global Finals group stage was played by the TES team against the FLY team. After more than 30 minutes of fierce battle, TES finally won the game with a score of 1-0 and got a good start.


Fly: bear, Lilia, hindra, ember, hammerstone


TES: Qinggang shadow, male gun, akali, SANA, SERTI

TE S: Qing刚shadow, 马勒滚, 阿卡丽, Sana, s er TI

In the 4th minute, 369 wonderful operation single killed FLY top single bear, cut down blood.


In the 6th minute, the next TES wrist controlled FLY Thresh and cooperated with Karsa who came to kill him. At the same time, 369 cooperated with Knight to kill FLY Lilia.

在第6分钟,下一个TES手腕控制了FLY Thresh,并与Karsa合作,后者杀死了他。同时,369与骑士合作杀死了FLY Lilia。

In the 8th minute, Akali knight was driven by Lilia to the limit but escaped! Then TES killed many FLY players and took the first canyon pioneer.


In the 11th minute, Karsa came again to help 369 kill the bear.


In the 14th minute, Thresh started the battle, and the midlaners of both sides took the lead to drop the enemy ADC in seconds, then Seti and Lilia completed the exchange, and finally played 2 for 2, TES slightly dominant.


In the 20th minute, Camille left Volibear first, and Akali TP came down, and the two easily killed him.

在第20分钟,Camille首先离开了Volibear,Akali TP摔倒了,两人轻松杀死了他。

In the 23rd minute, the two sides met in the middle. TES successfully controlled the water dragon after killing the bear and Thresh and got the water dragon soul.

在第23分钟,双方在中间相遇。 TES在杀死熊和Thresh之后成功控制了水龙,并获得了水龙灵魂。

In the 26th minute, TES took the Baron first to force the group. After FLY arrived, Akali was directly beaten by the second. However, Camille came and reaped easily. TES killed the three of FLY and took the Baron.

在第26分钟,TES率先将男爵带到了该小组。 FLY抵达后,阿卡利被第二名直接击败。im体育官网注册但是,卡米尔(Camille)来了很容易就收获了。 TES杀死了FLY的三个人并占领了男爵。

In the 28th minute, although FLY Highland played 0 for 2, but TES successfully pushed FLY two highland crystals.

在第28分钟,尽管FLY Highland以0进行了2场比赛,但TESim体育官网注册成功地将FLY Highland的两个晶体推向了FLY。

In the 30th minute, TES ancient dragons forced the group and killed 3 opponents to win the game.