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【im体育官网登录】布斯塔连赢9局击溃德国黑马 晋级法网八强战小德

News from October 6th, Beijing time, at the 2020 French Open, Busta will end the dark horse Atmel 6-2/7-5/6-2 and advance to the quarterfinals. He will play again after the US Open. Djokovic.

北京时间10月6日,在2020年法国公开赛上,布斯塔(Busta)将以6-2 / 7-5 / 6-2淘汰黑马Atmel,并晋级四分之一决赛。他将在美国公开赛后再次出战。德约科维奇。

Busta eliminated his compatriot Agut in the last round, showing his clay-court strength. In this round, he faced Atmel, the dark horse of the German qualifying competition, who is ranked only 186 in the world. Atmel, in the first set of the game, experienced a tie test after the start. After securing the serve, Busta took control of the game. The Spaniard, who broke serve consecutively, took a 5-1 lead. After the mutual protection, Busta won the first set 6-2.


In the second set, Atmel adjusted his tactics in time and received good results. The German broke the deadlock in the set and took a 5-2 lead after the break. As a result, he was eager for success with insufficient experience, but instead gave Busta a chance , The Spaniard played steadily, reduced his turnovers, and finally won the second set with a 7-5 success in 5 consecutive rounds.


Missing a huge advantage, Atmel, who lost the second set, completely collapsed. The start of the third set was broken consecutively. Busta led 4-0. In the 5th game, Atmel was thrilled when he was behind 0-40. The serve stopped the decline of losing 9 games in a row, but Busta did not give him any more chances. Both sides secured their serve. Busta won another set 6-2 and advanced to the quarterfinals.