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im体育官网登录-鲁能交叉赛更愿踢国安?李霄鹏击碎传闻 或遗憾无缘


   The first stage of the Chinese Super League has entered the final stage, and rumors that certain teams have to select their opponents are spreading like wildfire. Among them, Shandong Luneng, as the suffering master of China's national security, has come to a high point of public opinion.


   First introduce the rules. After the first stage of the crossover, A1 plays B4, A2 plays B3. A3 plays B2... this kind of match.

首先介绍规则。分频的第一阶段之后,A1扮演B4,A2扮演B3。 A3扮演B2 ...这种比赛。

   As for the current Group B, SIPG and Guoan have confirmed the top two rankings. As for Guoan, the gap between the first place and SIPG is too large, and it can be said that it is basically stable at the second place in Group B.




  The situation on Luneng's side is also somewhat in line with the background of "conspiracy theory". He once won four straight, but quickly braked for multiple rounds. The ranking is deadlocked at third.




   In recent years, Luneng's performance against Guoan has been superior, and his style of play has also been somewhat restrained. According to this situation, Luneng has some "specially" selection of Guoan. The Beijing media had also made a special briefing before, advocating that Luneng is more willing to fight the war.




   The only way to crush the rumors is the reality.


   Today, the 13th round of the battle started. Facing the deputy squad leader Jianye, Luneng still played with all his strength and did not slack. Seeing that the starter Chen Kerui played a bit stiffly. Li Xiaopeng quickly replaced Moises and conveyed his determination to win.


   In the end, Luneng also relied on his strength to win 2-0. Suning, who had more points than the same point, came second in the group.


   In view of 6 o'clock Suning wants to directly PK with Evergrande, Evergrande’s Cannavaro still sent all the main players. It is very difficult for Suning to win.