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im体育官网登录|国足头号对手主帅已被欠薪7月 盼加速归化德甲中场

Original title: National football's top opponent coach has been owed salaries in July, hoping to accelerate the naturalization of Bundesliga midfielder


Article source: Beijing Youth Daily


As the strongest opponent of the Chinese team in the top 40 of the World Cup, the Syrian team has recently encountered a series of troubles. On October 19, local time, the Syrian team's Tunisian coach Marur revealed to the media that after signing with the Syrian Football Association as the Syrian team's coach, he has not received salary for 7 months. The team originally planned to have a warm-up match with the UAE team in Dubai next month was also cancelled.


Marur said in a press release: "I feel like I have committed a crime because I am obligated to pay my assistants, but they did not receive any payment after performing their duties. I am the one who The people brought by the assistant have been paid for 7 months without a penny. This is very difficult for us. My success is inseparable from the help of the assistant. Now this situation is unacceptable. Syria The chairman of the Football Association has been redoubled efforts to help solve the problem, but to no avail."


Marur also said in the announcement: "I want to be with the Syrian people for life, because they are a group of beautiful and lovely people. They were born for football and for football, so their team has no reason not to enter the World Cup. The Syrian national team now has only 7 professional players. In 2017, the number was 17. Therefore, when I returned to Tunisia, I returned with a certain sorrow. What I have done for some time in the past is the Football Association and the Syrian people. The collective result of working together with the Syrian players.


Up to now, I am still a fighter, but I also have a team of technical assistants who need financial returns. Of course, I will not file a complaint with FIFA, because the Syrian Football Association has always stood firmly with me. If I complain, it will be against the Syrian people. This is impossible. "

到目前为止,我仍然是一名战士,但我还有一支需要财务回报的技术助手团队。当然,我不会向FIFA投诉,因为叙利亚足球协会一直坚定地支持我。如果我抱怨,那将是对叙利亚人民的反对。这是不可能的。 ”

At the end of the announcement, Marur also expressed hope, "The Syrian Football Association should continue to fight hard to get the money back. AFC and FIFA should help the Syrian Football Association. At the same time, what I want to say is I am sure that the last training session of the Syrian national team was not very pleasant."


The Syrian team originally planned to go to Dubai to organize a training camp, but because the planned warm-up match with the Kuwaiti team was cancelled for some reason, the Syrian team was forced to change to a domestic training camp without a warm-up match.


Maruer originally wanted all overseas players to join the team, but, including overseas players such as Soma and Karbin, failed to return. Due to the schedule, many players were recruited by the club to participate in the warm-up match. This also dissatisfied Marul.


According to the plan, the Syrian team will use the FIFA designated national team match window in November to go to Dubai to organize training sessions and participate in two warm-up matches. However, the UAE Football Association has recently notified the Syrian Football Association that the warm-up match between the two teams has been cancelled. In this way, during the upcoming Dubai training camp, the only warm-up match for the Syrian team is the game against Uzbekistan on November 11.


Currently, the Syrian Football Association is contacting other opponents. In addition, Marur also proposed to the Syrian Football Association that he hopes to speed up the introduction of Mahmoud Dawood, who is currently playing for the Bundesliga Dortmund team. Dawood is a player born in Syria. He fled to Germany since he was a child. He was a player who grew up under the German football system. He has played on behalf of German youth national teams at all levels. Earlier this month, the head coach of the German national team, Loew, called him into the German national team for the first time, but he was removed from the final 23 players in the UEFA Europa League match against Ukraine. . This means that Mahmoud Dawood still has the opportunity to choose to represent the Syrian national team.

目前,叙利亚足球协会正在与其他对手接触。此外,马鲁还向叙利亚足球协会提议,他希望加快引进马哈茂德·达伍德(Mahmoud Dawood)的工作,后者目前为多德蒙德队效力。 Dawood是出生在叙利亚的一名球员。他从小就逃到德国。他是在德国足球体制下长大的球员。他代表各级德国青年国家队出战。本月初,德国国家队的总教练洛伊(Loew)首次将他召入德国国家队,但他在欧洲联盟欧洲联赛对乌克兰的决赛中有23名球员im体育官网注册被免职。 。这意味着Mahmoud Dawood仍然有机会选择代表叙利亚国家队。