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im体育官网登录|阿森纳封杀厄齐尔竟是为省钱 温格:有点浪费了

  According to the "The Athletic" report, the reason why Arsenal excluded Ozil from the lineup was not only for competitive reasons but also for economic considerations.


   The report said that due to the impact of the epidemic, the Arsenal club had to make careful calculations, including firing 55 staff members in the summer and even firing the club mascot (actor). im体育官网注册Özil earns up to 350,000 pounds a week, and some of the amounts in the contract terms are bonuses linked to the number of appearances, goals, assists and other figures. Now that Özil has been completely beaten into the cold, Arsenal has saved all these potential bonus expenditures.

该报告说,由于这一流行病的影响,阿森纳俱乐部不得不进行仔细的计算,包括在夏季解雇55名工作人员,甚至解雇俱乐部吉祥物(演员)im体育官网注册。 Özil每周可赚350,000英镑,而且合同条款中的某些金额是与出场次数,进球,助攻和其他数字相关的奖金。既然Özil完全被冷落了,阿森纳已经节省了所有这些潜在的奖金支出。

   Since entering the new season, Özil has not entered the Arsenal list of any competitive game, and the last time he represented the Gunners in a competitive game was in March.


   However, the former Arsenal coach Wenger believes that this treatment of Ozil is a waste of the Gunners. "I feel that this is a waste of him, and it is also a waste for the club, because he is a creative genius. Modern football pays attention to rapid pressure and counterattack, rapid offensive and defensive conversion, everyone seems to be a model, this There is no use for players like Ozil, but don’t forget his assist record. You have to find some way to get him into the game again."

但是,前阿森纳主教练温格认为,对厄齐尔的这种待遇浪费了炮手。 “我觉得这是对他的浪费,也是对俱乐部的浪费,因为他是个创造天才。现代足球注重迅速的压力和反击,快速的进攻和防守转换,每个人似乎都是榜样,这对于像厄齐尔这样的球员来说是没有用的,但不要忘记他的助攻记录。您必须找到某种方法使他再次进入比赛。”