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【im体育官网登录】当之无愧!詹姆斯当选总决赛MVP 代表三队当选FMVP历史第一人

In the just-concluded finals G6, the Lakers overtook the Heat and won the championship with a big score of 4-2. Subsequently, the official announcement of the finals MVP candidate, the Lakers forward James was elected, this is the fourth time James was elected FMVP, reporters reported that James was elected by all 11 votes. It is worth mentioning that James was elected FMVP (Lakers, Cavaliers, Heat) on behalf of three different teams, the first player in history to achieve this achievement.


In the six games of the Finals, James averaged 29.8 points, 11.8 rebounds, 8.5 assists, 59.1% shooting, 41.7% three-point shooting, and 67.1% true shooting. The FMVP honor is well-deserved.

在总决赛的im体育官网注册六场比赛中,詹姆斯场均得到29.8分,11.8个篮板,8.5次助攻,59.1%的命中率,41.7%的三分球命中率和67.1%的真实命中率。 FMVP荣誉是当之无愧im体育官网登录的。

James gave his acceptance speech when accepting the award. "On behalf of this team, it means a lot. I came here to bring this team back to where it belongs. It feels really incredible that I can be a part of this team!" "I think too. Win people’s respect! (I want my damn respect, too.)" James also spoke for social issues: "We all want to see a better future. When we leave here, we must continue to work hard for this."

詹姆斯在接受该奖项时发表了致辞。 “代表这个团队意义重大。我来这里是为了把这个团队带回自己的归属地。我能加入这个团队真是不可思议!”詹姆斯还谈到社会问题时说:“我也想。赢得人们的尊重!(我也要我该死的尊重。)我们都希望看到更美好的未来。当我们离开这里时,我们必须为此继续努力” 。”

NBA Commissioner Xiao Hua said: "I have a feeling that this trophy will one day be named after him." The FMVP trophy is currently named after "Lord of the Rings" Bill Russell.

NBA委员肖华说:“我觉得有一天这个奖杯会以他的名字命名。” FMVP奖杯目前以“指环王”im体育官网注册比尔·罗素(Bill Russell)命名。