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On September 26, Beijing time, on the second day of the S10 qualifiers, after losing the first day, LGD lost to R7 in today's game and swallowed two consecutive losses.


LGD empty ban, won the classic Qinggang shadow card on the middle, R7 chooses the starting line Aoun to play the team battle.


In the 3rd minute, the three people from the upper middle field of LGD came to the top road to cross the tower, the card accepted Aoun's blood, and the blind monk resisted the tower excessively and was replaced.


In the 25th minute, the two sides broke out a team battle around the dragon. The card opened in the first episode of LGD. The fire target was placed on the leopard girl. Although the leopard girl was killed, the positions of Qinggang Ying and the card were very embarrassing. When Aoun’s ult output was interrupted, LGD gradually became unable to do so until the endgame. R7 played a wave of 2 for 4, Xiaolong also successfully accepted.

在第25分钟,双方爆发了围绕龙的团队战斗。该卡在LGD的第一集中打开。射击目标被放置在豹女孩身上。尽管这名豹女被杀了,但青岗英和卡的位置还是很尴尬的。当Aoun的ult输出中断时,LGD逐渐无法这样做,直到最后一局。 R7打出了2比4的浪,小龙也成功接受了比赛。

In the 30th minute, the mouse ate the leopard girl in the wild area, but the leopard girl lost her head afterwards. LGD then came to Xiaolong District to pick up the group. When the dragon's blood volume was in crisis, LGD was too impatient and was pulled to 3 by a clockwork big move, and the R7 water dragon soul got it. The follow-up chaos LGD spent too much energy to kill EZ, R7 played a wave of 3 for 4, and subsequently accepted the dragon and successfully retreated.

在第30分钟,老鼠在野外吃了豹子,但随后豹子失去了头。 LGD随后来到小龙区接团。当龙的血量处于危机中时,LGD太急躁,被发条大动作拉至3,R7水龙灵魂得到了它。后续混乱LGD花费了太多精力杀死EZ,R7以3比4打出波,随后接受了巨龙并成功撤退。

In the 39th minute, R7 carried the Ssangyong BUFF highland forward. With the huge BUFF bonus, he easily defeated LGD and won the game. Congratulations to R7 for winning the first victory! To