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Reporter Gan Hui reported that in the second round of the Derby, Zeng Cheng broke the record of the Shenhua team without conceding consecutive goals in the history of the league with a torn finger bone + torn ligament.

记者Gan Hui报道,在第二轮德比战中,曾成因手指骨骼+韧带撕裂而打破了申花队的纪录,却没有丢掉联盟历史上的连续进球。

Shenhua's previous record of consecutive non-concealed goals (league) was completed by Wang Dalei and Qiu Shengjiong, which was 421 consecutive minutes without conceding a goal. Now this record has finally changed hands and was created by Zeng Cheng alone. Since Dalian’s Longdong scored in the 11th round of the league, Zeng Cheng has worked closely with the defense in the next four consecutive league rounds, and all opponents have been blocked, including matches against Suning and SIPG.


In this game, Hulk's penalty kick broke through Zeng Cheng's ten fingers. So far, Zeng Cheng has not conceded a goal for 472 consecutive minutes in the league, breaking the 421-minute record of Wang Dalei and Qiu Shengjiong.


The current Chinese Super League has many super foreign aids, such as Paulinho, Anautović, Augusto, etc., which puts more pressure on the defense and the goalkeeper. It is necessary to maintain a long period of continuous without conceding a goal. Rarely bigger.


It is particularly worth mentioning that before the Derby, Zeng Cheng injured his finger and was diagnosed with a fractured right little finger + a torn ligament. However, he held on for another 55 minutes with severe pain until he was penalized by his opponent. In the campaign, SIPG still failed to break through Zeng Cheng's ten fingers. Zeng Cheng's performance this season can be called the "door god" level, is one of Shenhua's greatest contributors to the championship group.