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In a recent interview with the media, Inter Milan’s former coach Stella Maggioni made his own remarks on Inter Milan’s 4-3 victory over Fiorentina. He believes that in this game the five substitute players of China Mi can play the main force in any team in Serie A.

在最近接受媒体采访时,国际米兰的前教练斯im体育官网注册特拉·马焦尼(Stella Maggioni)就国际米兰4-3击败佛罗伦萨的情况发表了自己的看法。他认为在这场比赛中,中国小米的五名替补球员可以在意甲的任何一支球队中发挥主力。

Stella Maggioni said: "When people analyze this game, they often only talk about Inter Milan, but in fact, Fiorentina led by Achini poses a great threat to Inter Milan. Especially for Inter Milan. Eriksson, midfielder."

斯特拉·马焦尼(Stella Maggioni)说:“当人们分析这场比赛时,他们经常只谈论国际米兰,但实际上,以阿奇尼为首的佛罗伦萨对国际米兰构成了巨大威胁。特别是对国际米兰。中场埃里克森。”

"When Inter Milan loses players, there will be at least three midfielders who are not defending where they should be, and this also gives Fiorentina a chance to play the football they want."


"Five substitutions? This changed the game. Vidal, Nainggolan, Sensi, Ashraf and Sanchez came off the bench very impressively. I think they can play a major role in any team in Serie A."