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Lippi recently accepted an interview with Sky Sports Italy, during which he praised Gattuso and Pirlo. Lippi said: "Gattuso is most like a head coach, Pirlo is a pure genius."


Lippi said: "The team led by Gattuso and Pirlo will always have only one goal, and that is to win. There is no doubt. People have stereotypes about Gattuso and always think that he is relying on courage. And brute force, in fact, this is not the case. Gattuso is also very concerned about the details and tactical implications. I think Gattuso is the most like a coach."


"Pirlo is Pirlo. He is a pure genius, wise, educated, and a genius. He may not need a long time of training, and he does not need the lessons of failure. He will quickly grow into an excellent Coach, and easily teach his ideas to the players. The players will do their best for him."


"The whole season will not be smooth sailing, but I know that Pirlo has been prepared for this. He is also very personal in selecting and appointing people. He chose to give Frabota a chance in the first official game. This is not something that everyone can do. , Because people didn’t know who Frabota was at that time. Frabota was also very upbeat and his performance did not disappoint. Even if Juventus encountered any difficulties this season, it would not be due to Pirlo’s lack of experience."

“整个赛季都不会一帆风顺,但我知道皮尔洛已经为此做好了准备im体育官网注册。他在选拔和任命人选方面也非常有个性。他选择让弗拉博塔有机会参加第一场正式比赛。每个人都可以做,因为人们当时不知道弗拉博塔是谁,弗拉博塔也非常乐观,他的表现也没有令人失望,即使尤文图斯本赛季遇到了任何困难,也并非是因为皮尔洛缺乏经验。 ”