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Tiger Fighting, October 3, a few days ago, Manchester United player Matic said in an interview that if the Red Devils want to become a strong contender for the Premier League title, they must win at least five games in a row.


Matic said: "I always like to say that a team that is fighting for the Premier League championship needs a 5-6 game winning streak before it can lose points. It is normal to lose points, not a ball. The team can win every game."


"We lost points in our first game at home, so now we need to win 5 or 6 games in a row, because only in this way can we have a chance to win some trophies. That's how we played last season."


"We know that the team is doing a good job, but we must practice a lot so that we can have the confidence to invest in the next game."


Next, Manchester United will usher in a game with Tottenham. In this regard, Matic said: "We know that Spurs have played a lot of games recently, especially last week. It was very difficult for them, but we also experienced difficult games this week."


"The game against Tottenham will be difficult, when you face Tottenham. They are a great team and there is a coach Mourinho we know very well, and we will try our best to win."


When talking about the performance of new aid Van der Beek, Matic said: "I think he is a good player. I think he is good with the ball on the court and he runs very well around the penalty area."


"I think in this season, and in the future, Matic will be a very important player. He is still young and will continue to improve. I am very happy that the team has him."


"We have a strong lineup, especially in the midfield position. It is always good to have healthy competition. We are here to challenge."


"Of course, the coach will decide who to play. Because when you play for Manchester United, you have to win games, win trophies, and fight for the championship. We will see if the team has such a level. I believe the big guys also It's all ready."