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Recently, Messi accepted an exclusive interview with "Daily Sports News". In the interview, Messi expressed his views on many things in the past period of time.


Messi said: "In those moments that are difficult for me, I just express my feelings. I know some people think I should shut up and let things go, just like how I handled many other things in the past. . But in the past few weeks, many things have really hurt me, that’s just my way of expressing my ideas (referring to supporting Suarez on personal social media)."


"Anyone who knows me knows that I play to win and to give everything on the court. This has been throughout my entire career and has never changed. It is the same now. I am not aware of this jersey and this team logo. The promise remains the same."


"After so many disputes, I want to put an end to all this, everyone has to be united. This team will do its best for the only goal. For our fans, they deserve to enjoy football. Bring joy."


"We have to let go of all different ideas,


"Finally, I want to say to all the fans who support us, if at some point what I say or do bothers them,